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About Us

Care Opportunities deliver evidence-based support packages, created through an initial assessment that gathers primary and secondary data/evidence on the service user’s needs and that enables risk to be identified prior to the service user receiving support.

Care Opportunities provide assessment and treatment services using a multi-element model to provide non aversive person-centred behavioural support plans, drawing on comprehensive functional analysis, and ecological, mediator and motivational analyses, with the overall objective to improving the quality of life for people whose behaviour presents a significant challenge and to enable their reintegration into the community.

Care Opportunities offer support to service users in the disciplines of Psychology and Behaviour all of which form an in house multidisciplinary clinical team with an expertise in learning disabilities who meet to review all of our service users regularly according to need. The clinical team also provide on call services as well as staff training on demand to meet service user’s immediate needs.

Having access to these disciplines without the need for external referral ensures that our service users mental and physical health needs, social well-being and behaviour is regularly monitored and any deterioration can be detected and addressed quickly. Furthermore, all interventions are monitored closely to ensure effectiveness, thus reducing the risk of further deterioration and possible placement breakdown. Having free access to services from an in house clinical team who know service users well ensures continuity in their care, which is more likely to be successful than accessing services who have no direct involvement in their day to day lives.

  • A comprehensive proactive person-centred non-aversive behavioural support plan, which respects the service user’s cultural and spiritual needs.
  • We start a comprehensive risk assessment before people move in that we develop to manage risk but keep people safe.
  • It is our philosophy to provide a communicative environment for service users. Support is provided in a format that the service user understands (e.g. Makaton, symbols, pictures, etc.). Effective communication is central to service delivery and all language used in support plans is from the service user’s perspective.
  • A supportive, experienced, well-trained staff team, who meet service users prior to an offer of employment being made. We do not use agency staff, so that all of our care and support can be delivered consistently.
  • Complete ongoing assessment and monitoring for every service user.
  • Liaising with professionals and other individuals who have an involvement to ensure service users have a co-ordinated package of care.
  • The carrying out of regular observations, probes, audits and assessments, including formal Behavioural, Psychological and Speech and Language assessments.
  • Support to plan and engage in activities of daily living, community access, leisure, education and employment, where appropriate
  • Support to build social capital, and maintain social relationships with family and friends.